May 2021 (postponed from March 2020 due to Covid-19)

Participation with 3 masterpieces at the event "Artbox.Project Barcelona 1.0"

October-November 2020

Artworks on display at ARTBOX.GALLERY Zurich

August 2020

Presentation of 7 masterpieces at SWISSARTEXPO in Zürich from 20th to 24th of August by Artbox Project Zürich 2.0 and on ARTSY

July 2019

Art meets wellness at the grand opening on 13th of July at the brand new Roscha cosmetic institute in Munich, Ursulastrasse 1. Three masterpieces on display; combine from now on your body and soul wellnesstreatment with art enjoyment.

June 2019

Exhibition of three artpieces at the International Contemporary Art Exhibition "#EMERGING"
from 10th of June until 2nd of August 2019 at gallery M.A.D.S. Milano in Milan, Italy.

April 2019

Exhibition of "The first breath" until end of 2019 in the first fully digital multimedia art gallery M.A.D.S. Milano. Joining "ONE of M.A.D.S." featured artist in Milan, Italy.

February 2019

Exhibition of "The first breath" and "Unique female power" on 1st of Feb. at the yearly exhibition of Studio Zeiler in Munich. 

February 2018

Exhibition of "Adam and Eve - back to paradise" on 2nd of Feb. during the 60years anniversary of Studio Zeiler in Munich. 

October 2017

Exhibition of the third artwork "One day or DAY ONE of a new life" on 22nd of Oct. 2017 at 

"Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft" in Munich.